Hanza Kaunas 2011

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The Patron of the Festival is the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė

French horns will awaken participants of Hanseatic days

Players of French horns of the union of Hanseatic cities assemble to the annual festival „Voltorne days".

„Valtorne is a special instrument, not everyone is able to play it well. Nevertheless only Voltorne is able to create a romantic and mysterious atmosphere", - stresses the Voltorne player, lecturer of Musical academy of Lithuania - Egidijus Stanelis.

That's why this instrument,founded in the late Middle ages is given a special attention by organizers of Hanseatic days.

On the initiative of Estonian musicians from 2005 the festival "Voltorne days" is annually included into program of the International Hanseatic days.

We'll be able to admire overwhelming melodies of voltornes in the courtyards of old town of Kaunas on the 19-22 of May.

E.Stanelis told that approximately 30 French horns players will arrive to Kaunas from 15 Hanseatic and other cities: Tartu, Pernu (Estonia), Ryga (Latvija), Helsinki (Finland), Osnabruck (Germany), Grand Novgorod (Russia).

The festival participants are mostly young players , will rehearse and prepare the program together, which will present to listeners of Hanseatic days.

Professional lessons in Voltorne academy in Kaunas will be headed by the well-known Voltorne experts, namely - Esa Tapani , professor of music school from Frankfurt Maine (Germany), Arvidas Klisanas, professor of music school from Latvia and Ludwig Rast, lecturer of music school from Saarbrucken (Germany).

 Though the blower's profession seems a privilege of men, nevertheless women blow Voltorne as well and most probably we will see them in Kaunas.

„The goal of the Festival - to popularize French horn music, increase mastership of performers, but most important is to entertain listeners with the melodies of this splendid instrument", - stated E.Stanelis.

The repertory of the festival is still under preparation. Such world wide composers as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi, Georgas Friedrich Haendel, Robert Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven and others wrote for the Voltorne. Talented musicians intend to come to Kaunas, so far impressive concerts are expected.

About Voltorne 

  • Voltorne (vok. Waldhorn - wood horn) - copper blowing instrument. Originated from bended French hunting horn, so that's the reason it is called French horn.
  • Straightened pipe of this horn makes approximately 3,7 m. It has been used in orchestra since the XVI century. Its modern view with mechanism dates to 1815 .
  • Until the beginning of the XIX c. the voltorne players used to change the level of volume by using various small pipes. They were of different length fixed into the main canal: the longer the pipe ,the lower the sound .
  • It is played in symphonic and blowing instruments orchestras, bands, solo.

Festival „Valtorne days 2011"

  • 20 May, from 20 to 21 h.,-- the stage near Blessed Virgin Mary (Grand Vytautas) church.  
  • 21 May, from 12 to 13 h., - Courtyard of Kaunas castle 
  • 22 May, from 13 to 14 h., - Kaunas Jesuit church (Rotušės sq. 8).

Hansa League

Kaunas is allowed to organize the whole Hanseatic union cities international festival in 2011. We expect from five to seven thousand visitors on this festival!


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